Oct 24, 2008


We apologise for the unexplained absence of our bi-monthly gigs. And for the neglect of this blog. So if there are any of you still sticking around (and we hope you are!) we would like to share a little of what is going on underneath the silence.

We have since decided to go on a short break, beginning July, as Priya and I had commitments that took us overseas for nearly a month. We were back for awhile, but now my cohort has left for London (again!) to represent Malaysia on the UK Speechless tour, doing her poetry thing.

Besides traipsing in foreign lands, Project OMG has also since found itself homeless, as The Dram Projects now no longer exist as a studio, but will be morphing into an extension of the cafe next door. We lament this terrible and horrible loss, but we are thankful and immensely grateful for TDP's support and generosity in the past 2-ish years.

(Time to find a new place to squat, it seems)

And in between all this, many other things have cropped up, leaving us with barely any time to sit and be still. But all these said, we have not left Project OMG behind- we're only on a break, and breaks, by their very nature, don't last very long.

We hope to resume at the end of the year, if all things work out. And we anticipate the moment we get to announce it to you all. Thank you, as always, for the love and support.

Pat + Priya


ash said...

tee hee no wonder we can't get a hold of priya! looking forward to your reanimation

patlow said...

ash: we look forward to it too. hope all's well with you :)

Daphne said...

Helllooo!! Dram Projects still exists albeit without the black box. We hope to continue supporting OMG so pleeeeease don't speak of us in the past tense (sob!).

I don't see why the gigs shld not continue in the Reading Room and/or the extended cafe space!

You are STILL listed as a Partner, in any case!

Closet Alert said...

Hey, Check out your pix at my blog