Aug 31, 2006

It Rocked Our Socks

Piccies of August's gig. A big thanks to all who came, cheered and ate.

+ Talking rocks welcome guests at every table. What did yours say?
Picture by Grace Tham

+ The scrimpy-looking welcome pack: A talking rock,
postcards by THINK and the itinerary for the night.

+ Poetry reading by Jamal Raslan

+ The boys from 2 Piece Band did a musical tribute
in the spirit of merdeka

+ Lee & Gomez. Sweet melodies juxtaposed with mean guitar riffs.

+ Azmyl Yunor (we adore him so much that we insist on
putting up a picture of him although they were all fuzzy)

Thanks also to the awesome people at Food Foundry and THINK Online.

Aug 12, 2006

Project OMG!
August Series

19th August:

on the reel:

Halun (John Naflish)
What happens when one can multiply oneself?

The Blind Girl and the Thief (John Naflish)
A heartwarming story of fatherhood and letting go of one's hold on sin.

A Thousand Miles (Elroy Lee & Raja)
A boy, his family and new-found love finds that there is no space for all.

Abandoned (Kenny Seah)
The adventures of an abandoned cat who gets picked up by a two-legged creature.

The Alley (Robin Lee)
A beggar and his quest for fast-food is fleshed out via animation and laced with humour.

Impress Them (Ian, Elena & Yi Wei)
Jason Lo's songs, before he got famous and sang anthemic tunes like 'Evening News',
gets a video

With performances by
Reuben Kang, Rauf Fadzilla, Michael Chen and Gary Ooi.

26th August:


Gary Ooi
Graphic designer with both hands in theatrical arts and poetry. He draws inspiration
from his not-so-normal life. This will be his first solo attempt.

Priya K.
Self-declared selfish, untalented dreamer who wishes she could change the world.
An extremely witty, thought-provoking and humorous writer (depending on how
you see it) and a part-time poet.

Jamal Raslan
Jamal returns to the scene with more poetry in our
bahasa kebangsaan.

Raymond Yong & Grace Tham
A collaboration of sorts. Raymond is an accomplished musician and singer-songwriter
who will be performing with Grace, another lass with artistic tendencies of the same kind.

Azmyl Yunor
Azmyl Yunor’s music evokes the working class down-to-earth folkiness of American
singer songwriter heroes such as Bob Dylan and Neil Young, but imbues it with his own brand
of infectious humour and colour. A fiercely independent artiste, the multi-genre and
multi-instrumental Yunor has performed and released recordings as a solo artiste and as a
member of The Maharajah Commission, Ben’s Bitches and Thunder Coffee Club. He has also
organised various gigs including the 'Sapu-Sapu' series which featured various local talents.

Lee & Gomez
Gomez & Lee are a couple of disillusioned wannabe poets and frustrated ex-smokers who
write and perform songs when they're not wrestling with life's great, unanswered questions
(like "What brand of disposable diapers is the best value for money?"). In an alternate, infinitely
more pompous and pretentious reality they are members of snob-rock outfit, Mojo Pin. Their
influences (in and out of MP) include Joe Queenan, Blues Clues, David Bowie and Van Morrison.
They are always, always tired and seldom happy.

All happening at-

The Food Foundry, BG-6 Happy Mansion, Jalan 17/13, PJ.
7.30pm onwards
Admission is free

(Maps are in the previous posts!)