Jun 20, 2006

This is a very tiny map to Food Foundry via the Sprint/NKVE side.

This is another tiny map via the Fed. (Tips: On Jalan Barat, turn left after you see a Maybelline billboard. After the 3 o'clock turn at Rothmans, lookout for a Bosch billboard. Turn left before it.)

So, we have been up to our arms making sure everything goes well this weekend, from shopping at Pasar Road for AV equipment, sending posters for printing to deciding what kind of flowers we want to furnish the tables with.

And if you realised, we have changed our time slot to
7.30pm. That's because like over everything else, football gets first dibs once every four years. So after the gig, kita sama-sama tengok bola lah. Should be fun :)

Food Foundry will also be offering a
special dinner set meal just for the occasion.

See you this weekend for an evening of poetry (read and performed by very normal people, and no, it has nothing to do with Sonnet 18, The Dead Crow or weird people all dressed in black), acoustic sets and short films (of wigs wanting to take over the world, unmarried musicians and people in jungles).