Nov 21, 2007

Project OMG!: Demystifying Art

25th November (Sunday)
at 8pm
The Dram Projects, Block B Happy Mansion
Jalan 17/13, PJ (click map link above)

Admission is free but donations are welcome.

Featuring music and spoken word by NegaRaKus, Dhivya Jiwa, George Wielgus, Shahril Nizam and more

Hey folks, we're back with our last gig for the year
with more grassroots poetry and music. Expect poets with late night radio DJ voices, indie musicians, reggae infused words and perhaps the odd bit of art. And as it has been some ride on the OMG bandwagon, so we would also like to thank you for your support and for being part of this circus ;)

We hope to see you all this Sunday!

And props also to Kakiseni for plugging us!

The 60 Second Plug: "Project OMG!" by Juliet Jacobs

Nov 3, 2007

Well guys, next gig's this month, and we're still looking for writers and musicians!

And as an added bonus, we're testing the waters to see if any artists would like to join our little camp of delights :) We're going with the theme 'Demystifying Art', which really isn't as complicated as it sounds - just take a look at the brief below:

One common complaint by the average Malaysian about art: "Aiyoh, I don't understand la!". The myth is that art has to be complex, abstract, high brow - and ultimately, alienate the general public.

Project OMG! invites artists to challenge this myth and boldly state the overlooked fact that art is for everyone. Your work may be a direct interpretation of the theme 'demystifying art', fresh ideas to make art appeal to a wider audience or a simple attempt to make meaningful art that is pretension-free. It may be painting on crushed beer cans, sidewalk art, a collection of interesting grocery lists - how would you compel people to see the art in everyday living? How would you define art at the grassroots level?

Either email us a preview of your work (no larger than 300 KB) to or contact Priya (016 - 660 6460) and we'll work something out.

We're looking to stage an exhibition of sorts alongside our regular poetry/music gig on Nov 25 2007, so do send your applications soon!

*Note: Due to my being bad with numbers, there's been a mix up with the dates in posts elsewhere. The date of the gig is NOV 25th 2007, SUNDAY.