Jul 8, 2009


There's a gig this July. With an all-girl line-up. And perhaps a boy or two in skirts/baju kurungs.

Details are as follows:

What: Girls Out Loud
When: July 19 (Sunday) @ 7 pm
Where: Food Foundry, Section 17, PJ

Gregarious girls up for performing, contact us: nowhitespace@gmail.com

May 14, 2009


After a year's absence, we're back home and already gearing up for our first gig of the year! I'm not sure if anyone still follows this blog, but...

Project OMG!
(is better than

31st May 2009
Admission is FREE

Via facebook

Oct 24, 2008


We apologise for the unexplained absence of our bi-monthly gigs. And for the neglect of this blog. So if there are any of you still sticking around (and we hope you are!) we would like to share a little of what is going on underneath the silence.

We have since decided to go on a short break, beginning July, as Priya and I had commitments that took us overseas for nearly a month. We were back for awhile, but now my cohort has left for London (again!) to represent Malaysia on the UK Speechless tour, doing her poetry thing.

Besides traipsing in foreign lands, Project OMG has also since found itself homeless, as The Dram Projects now no longer exist as a studio, but will be morphing into an extension of the cafe next door. We lament this terrible and horrible loss, but we are thankful and immensely grateful for TDP's support and generosity in the past 2-ish years.

(Time to find a new place to squat, it seems)

And in between all this, many other things have cropped up, leaving us with barely any time to sit and be still. But all these said, we have not left Project OMG behind- we're only on a break, and breaks, by their very nature, don't last very long.

We hope to resume at the end of the year, if all things work out. And we anticipate the moment we get to announce it to you all. Thank you, as always, for the love and support.

Pat + Priya

Jun 21, 2008

Under the umbrella of The Literary Activists, The Dram Projects (with the itchy fingers of some of your friendly neighbourhood folks responsible for stirring up the art/lit scene) will be bringing to you Random Acts of Poetry, featuring Blue Scream Murmur, a group of performance poets from Belfast, Derry, London, Scotland and New York.

The night will also feature local poets Bernice Chauly, The Happy Unicorn Collective, Elaine Foster (winner of April's KL Poetry Slam), and many more.

We will also be supporting a local art collective, Project Connect. Entry for the event is by donation so do give generously.

Chapbooks and other interesting and useful bits and pieces will be on sale too.

Random Acts of Poetry will be held on 2nd July 2008, 8.30pm, at The Dram Projects, Petaling Jaya.

Check the Facebook event page.

May 28, 2008



We're on! And because we can, we're making it a special edition.

Basic skelly details for the moment (because Pri's frolicking in some state up north and I am being tossed and pull in various directions [and not in some sunny state up north])

1 June 2008, Sunday
The Dram Projects, PJ

Folks on feature:

Henry Raby, Ben Winterton and Anna Wilcox from the UK
The Project Connect team, Poet Stories, kG, Nicholas Wong, Reza & Evanna
and many more

And a possible live telecast of the night over to The Fleapit in London :) It's all good.

P/s: Facebook us up!

May 15, 2008

This is What Happened

The 'This is Now' happening landed last Sunday and it was good :) People came in and freely wielded brushes, pens, crayons and spray cans (!) on walls of paper and lengths of cloth- writing poetry, drawing dreams, and creating strange imagery. Thanks for those who came, and for your support, hope you OD-ed on art. For those of you who missed it, this is what happened:

Thank you Dram Projects (again) for always humouring us. We promise to mop the floor later.

Ciplak in the fullness of noise-making-glory.

Wayang Muzik: Screen painting and music response-thing.

You could even do it outside. With strangers.

Yes it is.

90 Questions: Draw a question and draw your answer.

Transmission: Music, spoken word and visual art collaboration.

We love Dizzy & The.

Conteng-ing on glass.

Visual art projection and music from a Mac.

More pictures can be found here.

Photos by Mooza and Adila :)

Apr 22, 2008

Something Is Now Happening

Our next gig is tentatively slated for 1 June 08, with an edge- we'll be featuring performers from the UK exchange team working with Project Connect (remember them? our last gig was a benefit for this youth+arts+community initiative) But, more news on that soonish. And as usual, if you'd like to be part of this glitzy (maybe) lineup, do drop us an email at nowhitespace@gmail.com or if you prefer human contact: 016 6606460 (Priya) 012 3692681 (Pat) . We say it's time to take your poetry off dog-eared pages and your music out of the bedroom.

And onto more interesting (intriguing, more like) matters:

Project Connect, (yes, that name again) which Project OMG! is part of, will be throwing together a live art pesta called This Is Now Happening:

This Is Now Happening: An Interactive Art Playground

Sunday, May 10th 2008


The Dram Projects, Block B, Happy Mansion, Jalan 17/13, PJ

Admission by donation: RM12

With a full evening of live music, poetry, video and theater, This Is Now wants the audience to join in on the fun. The audience and performers alike will be given materials to paint their interpretations of the event as it happens.
You make the art, we provide the inspiration.

This Is Now is a fund-raising event for Project Connect, a year-long community project aimed at bridging the gaps between youth, community and the arts.

Performances by:
Ciplak, Dizzy & The, Lost Generation Space, Living Arts Dance and more!

For more information & updates via Facebook click here.