Apr 25, 2007

If you flip through the pages of Youth2 today in The Star you will find this
interesting read :)

And if you are here visiting because of the link provided in the article, hello there :D We would love to hear what you think or have to say about the article, the 'poetry scene' in Malaysia, feedback if you have been to our events etc. Or questions even. Like perhaps how you can be part of our readings or gigs. Or why are we even doing this. Anything (that falls within the subject, of course).

It's worm-can opening time :)

Apr 4, 2007

Benjamin Zephaniah @ Marmalade

KLILF '07 wasn't the lit festival I envisioned it to be, but all's good when you can sit back and listen to a performance poet like Benjamin Zephaniah. Priya and I met him at Marmalade, and we left very happy. Very inspired. And very happy.

We are itching to do a gig of some kind this month of April. Poets and musicians, take note!